Saturday, January 14, 2017

Midtown Superblock Park: Tree (trans)planting Project in Progress

New Park Ex Machina 
in Midtown

 Befitting a Super Block: Big trees, not seedlings 
Travis Street Apartments in the distance 
Road closure on Main at Anita Street
Anita Street East of Main - Wheeler Watch Clinic (historic building) -
New Crime Stoppers building project sign on grassy corner 
Watch our for the train, not to mention loaded tree transplanter truck 
Super Bowl themed Metro trail passing the Superblock in Midtown
HCC Admin building, which is undergoing renovations, on the left 

Park-to-be in Midtown - Southern end of the Superblock 
Main at Tuam -
Superblock residential development (L) - Former MHMRA building being readied for demolition (R) 
Large live tree being hauled in for instant excavator-assisted planting 

New Camden apartments coming on the northern part of the Superblock - View from Travis St at Dennis (1/10/2017)
TRAVIS STREET PAVEMENT MARKER in small blue and white tiles
Midtown construction crane with Camden signage 

Camden Midtown Superblock Development seen from the East across Main 

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