Sunday, January 8, 2017

This is Houston -- in diverse shapes and colors


Down with the Old, Up with the New - including a Sky Tub 

Urban Vista: The Hilton Americas from the East 

RICE no longer HOTEL with new backdrop 
Catalyst in Context 
Local Lone Star for Visitors

Former Days Inn - Abandoned Hotel in Downtown Houston
Awaiting its day of new glory, not going where others have gone, at least not yet.
The hotel redevelopment holdout. former Days Inn   

Greenfield/Brownfield awaiting development 


Would-be townhouse site for sale

Houston Architecture with Curves

The conventional viewpoint: From street to sky 
More curves with colors
Potted Plants on Main Street with Red Shade 
Skyscrapers Downtown: Diversity in skin colors, shapes, and patterns 
Chromatically enhanced view of Downtown Urban Canyon 

The Now Old Office Tower Core 
Jesus still Saves at the Allen Center, which is currently undergoing rebirth  
Hodge-podge of elements 

Energy Grid with Birds 

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Houston Streetwise Summer 2015 - Thumbnails of Top Photos
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2015 Mosaic of Sample Pics
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