Saturday, December 3, 2016

Best of Houston: Tops of towers and roof-top accoutrements

Can you identify these iconic skyline items? 
Red rotation guitar atop Hard Rock Cafe at Bayou Place \
Hover over pic to read hidden caption 
Houston's highest tub, also know as sky pool, at the new luxe Market Square Tower

Niels Esperson top and double-winged top of new 609 Main at Texas Skyscraper behind it


One Shell with roof-top transmission tower x 2 (mirror image on face of Wells Fargo Plaza)

Hobby Center Roof with Downtown Skyscrapers

Top of 1910 Harris County Courthouse

Spindletop restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Hotel

Top of 1600 Smith Skyscraper (Continental)

Top of curved Chevron Tower with four sky holes

Roof guitar, flag, and City Hall clock

Enterprise Plaza top with transmission equipment - Two Shell Plaza

BG Group Place (top of office building)

Transmission equipment atop Enterprise Plaza

Top of the CenterPoint Tower

Triangular tip of Bank of America Center with spikes

City Hall with clock, Lyric Centre, and new luxury Market Place Tower

Top of Bank of America Center Skyscraper

Chase Tower top

Historic Gulf Building (now Chase Bank)

Street light with double-edged top of new Hines Office Tower on Main at Texas

Federal Land Bank Building at 430 Lamar across from Central Library

Metal roof with greenish patina - Great Southwest Building

Wedge Tower on Louisiana

Temple-like top of Heritage Plaza Tower

Federal Building after renovation - 1600 Smith Tower behind

AIG Tower on Allen Parkway with Flag 

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