Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Showcasing Houston's Commitment to Historic Preservation: Examples from the there-once-was list

 Houston Architecture that won't be on the Conventioneers' Sightseeing Itinerary

The Sisters' Legacy: From Incarnate Word to Dust 
(or rather, a pile of vintage red bricks)

Now that Houston is on the brink of being billed as a model for historic preservation without the heavy hand of local government, it's a good time to peruse the archives for some history appreciation that can no longer be done live in the course of a city walk.

What was the Houston Chronicle Headquarters then 

The artsy Glass House in all its former night-time glory 

South facade of glass-and-concrete Glassell School of Art Building
seen from the Cullen Sculpture Garden shortly before demolition in Sep. 2015 
Hogan Allnoch red-brick building (1923) - Austin Street-facing side
Red-brick Allnoch Dry Goods Building, doomed by Harris County
and now a parking lot  

HCC Villa on Almeda after Art Attack, but prior to Demolition  
There goes the Fannin Tower ..,
 The in-the-end not so lucky blue-barrel burger joint in Montrose 

The Houston Club Building 
Early Houston mural on since-imploded Houston Club Building 
Cameron-Chase Plaza at Houston Club Building 

The faded magic of macy' on Main 
Street-level view of Macy's Department Store Building previously Foley's 
Ben Milam shortly before the take-down 
Facade detail (Jan 2014) 
Historic Incarnate Word Academy
Historic Incarnate Word Academy (Jan 2014 photo) 

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