Friday, October 7, 2016

In Sync with the Season in the Alley: Mid-Summer Night Dreams rather than Nightmares just in time for the end of October

Midsummer Night's Dream for Halloween - Why Not? 

At least there is rhyme, if not reason.
Just in time for the season.   

Brutalist theater architecture decked out with lone star banners 
In perfect symphony with the surrounding banner-borne

inner-city lyricism.  

Another missive evoking the charms of all-engulfing muggy summer days 
Not so secret mirrors and mixed metaphors: Pockets of  Distorted Visions   

Let the creative juices flow, and effuse with inspiration,
now that the fountains have run dry, portending the end of the era of tranquility. 

Mock-up space-age relics in dry-dock at double-L-ed Tranquillity Park 
Subterranean Theater District Parking under Jones Plaza
Ramp on Texas across from  the Alley 
Alley Theatre and Lofty Garage - Lyric Centre - Market Square Tower with  uninaugurated penthouse grade bath tub with city panorama. 
Texas Street at Alley Theatre - Lancaster Hotel 

1 comment:

  1. So, what's the story with Tranquility Park ? Why high and dry ? I hope they are not going to destroy/decommission it. It is a unique Houston vision of a space-city themed retreat and as such is sacred to our great city IMHO. Please enlighten me if you know. Thanks.


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