Monday, September 19, 2016

Do-you-know-whats-ticking-in-your-town Quiz: Where can you watch these clocks doing time?

Old Glory and Clock Dial on top of City Hall - Downtown Houston Texas

Clock Dial Meltdown
No, Salvador Dali didn't do it. Chalk it up to Houston Heat  
 Where can you watch these clocks? 

Main Street at Texas Ave Post Clock on corner in front of Taco joint

Historic ticking timepieces

J. J. Sweeney Clock at the between Hobby Center and Bayou Place
Post Clock with Roman Numerals
Clock Tower on the edge of Market Square Park - Travis at Congress Street
Temporarily disabled: The clock dial on the tower without arms 
Seth Thomas Clock works
Clockwork Green 
Old City Hall Clock and Bell - Clock Tower - Historical Background Display Poster

Main at Texas Post Clock on street corner
Lone Star and post clock on Texas at Main 
Clock and flag with art deco bas relief 

Campanile on Montrose Blvd North of intersection with Richmond

Clock Tower Building on Allen Parkway - AIG Tower
What do you call a building with a clock tower? Question answered at front entrance. 
Hotel Icon with Market Square Clocktower

Red guitar atop Hard Rock Cafe at Bayou Place and City Hall top with clock dial
Red accents in central location 
City Hall - Night-time Illumination in multiple colors (Summer 2012)
Gay Polychromatic Public Building Illumination (June 2012)
I 69 Southwest Freeway - Greenway Plaza Office Tower

... and one you probably can't find anywhere any more.
But then again, the city hall clock went into hiding too, and then resurfaced 

Clock on Texaco Building (undergoing renovation)
Clock on Texaco Building (after commencement of redevelopment) 

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