Monday, August 15, 2016

Colonization of local taco territory from Austin continues - Torch now being staked in Westchase

Foray into local taco territory from the Hill Country a former black-eye corner in Westchase

More signs of the Torchy Taco invasion into Fajita Heartland,
not to mention Mama Ninfa and Felix Tijerina territory.  
five Below ... or maybe even more than just five 
Wilcrest at Westheimer: One more convenient location to lunch your Democrat or Republican. Or a dirty Sanchez. Damn good.
 And you won't have to head to the trailer park to indulge. You will do it on site, and then hike over to the wholesome market past the five below to stuff some brown bags before heading home.  

No longer split-eye peas: What the corner space looks like now (Aug 14, 2016 pic) 
WHOLE FOODS MARKET 11041 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042

(moved over from the West side of S. Wilcrest)

Wholesome patio with designated curbside grocery removal spot adjacent to the parking lot  
Drive into Westchase Shopping Center from South Wilcrest - Wells Farge and Bike Barn on the other side 

Newly opened: Pita Pit 
Torchy's Tacos to blaze at former Black-eyed Pea end-cap restaurant space  

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