Monday, August 22, 2016

Potemkin Village Park in Development: Stonelake now featuring felled trees and faux ivy as demolition of office buildings winds down at Mid Lane

Fake Evergreens and Freshly-cut Trees   
between River Oaks and Highlands 

Looks like the rumors of the survival chances of the trees on the amalgamated development site comprised of the 4100 and 4200 blocks of Westheimer have been exaggerated.

Commitment to green as solid as an oak. 
Following right on the heels of reports that land owner and developer Stonelake Capital Partners plans to turn the site into a park until the prospects for development into a residential project with higher return on investment improve, trees on the property are being cut down, including a huge one at the center of what has for weeks been a vast demolition zone, comparable in size to the Corporate Plaza site on the corner of Kirby Drive and the Southwest Freeway.

Meanwhile faux ivy draping on the perimeter fence evokes eerie visions of a Potemkin Village garden in the making. Why work hard to earn green credentials and community goodwill when faking it is so facile. Just drape yourself verdant and sell yourself as evergreen. And allude to the Ivy League, to exude a touch of class in BBQ and pickup country.

Faux evergreen on the perimeter fence 
Precarious stand: A survivor 

Green high-rise construction seen from the RR tracks at the level crossing 
The River Oaks James & Ivy 

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