Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Real non-estate hotspot news: Richwood Girl with Sombrero is back with more of what she does best


No, it's not another 22-year realtor caught in flagranti in a house that just went off market (but not off the radar of observant neighbors and the peering eyes of the law). Nor is it about smoke emanating from the pits at the Talk-of-Town-to-Barbie conversion. It's all about La Tapatia today. Swamplot has it that she is back from her smoke break. Ready to give the masses what the masses really want: margaritas, not mug shots.

A few weeks ago, things got so smoking hot she had to close the kitchen and take a break 

Below, a couple of archival glimpses taken during the intermission.
Open-door advisory: Temporarily closed due to "small fire" 

Beating the Heat: Unfortunately, the Margaritas did not do the trick.
They had to call the Fire Department. Good thing it is that the firemen are stationed on the same block; -- on the corner with Dunlavy. 

La Tapatia's lot after the fire is  being deserted, save for the folks attending to the fire damage.  

City of Houston Fire Station 16 in Montrose with flags
HFD Fire Station 16 
Ladder Truck from Fire Station 16 heading East on Richmond Ave (archival pic from 2015)

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