Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Demuralized on West Alabama - Bemoaning the destruction of another iconic H-Town themed tableau

Grand whitewash wipes out panorama of Houston architectural icons from the past and the recent present, along with painted-in tribute to blue-panted but not blue-collared artisans 

Mural at Pittsburth Paints Store on W Alabama before destruction

Not just faded; - gone: The H-Town cityscape theme mural on the East-facing wall of the Pittsburgh Paints Store on West Alabama next to Bollo Pizza. Photos from before and after the whitewash, above and below, respectively. 
 2220 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098
Pittsburgh's West Alabama heritage wiped out and painted over 
PPG Pittsburgh Paints: Still into selling paints, after stripping the multichromatic vibrancy off its own wall, exuding a saddening sense of striped blues. -- Go figure.

bollo pizza and bar on West Alabama Street at Greenbriar


Detail of Orange Show Mural depicting Downtown Houston skyscrapers and landmark pylon sign of  the Alabama Theater
(on S. Shepherd, now Trader Joe's(Nov 2015 photo) 
Full spread of The Orange Show Mural in Nov 2015 
Area denizens and preservationists should have given a hoot and campaigned against the whitewash. At least the Owl across the street still adds quality to the neighborhood, now with sidewalk landscaping in flowery hues to complement the lush well-watered grass after the ample rainfalls. 

Owl Bar patio with seasonal red and white dots on the green strip out front 
Also see older post on --> Murals we Lost (archival pics)

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  1. must be a bunch of right wingers over there at Pittsburgh - only want to "whitewash" everything away just like the Donald. So sad.


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