Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cranes over Houston - August 2016 Edition

Hotel Alessandra topping out 
Main Street at GreenStreet - Hotel Alessandra 
New High-rise at the MinuteMaid Park / Convention Center District 
Main at Texas and Aris in their Downtown context, as seen from UHD 
Aris by Hines and 609 Main @ Texas by Hines 
Kirby Collection 
Kirby Collection 

Crown work atop the new Hines office tower on Main Street 

Texas Ave at Main: Looking up from the sidewalk at The Rice Hotel 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Cityscape in Transition: Historic Landmark Buildings in Downtown Houston with altered backdrop and new neighbors

New Hines and Old Gulf Buildings side by side 
The Rice Hotel (lofts) with 609 Main at Texas Tower soaring nearby
Great Southwest Building with nearby construction 
Clock Tower and Market Square Tower 
State National Building on Main with Aris-in-the-making in blue and yellow behind
(Aug. 2016) 
The Anderson-Clayton Building with Catalyst going up behind 
The Rice Hotel and the Gulf Building with BG Group Tower at center and reflection of Main at Texas Tower
Roof of Houston Chronicle Building in foreground
The Rice Hotel with new Hines Tower soaring above it, Aris residential tower (also by Hines) on left
JPMorgan Chase Tower on right 
Aris Market Square residential tower adding floors with Friedman Clock Tower and JPMorgan Chase Skyscraper 

Stag's grounds at Shepherd Plaza deserted, trophy now invisible behind the leaves

Nature has taken its course and swallowed up the stag's head in green foliage 
on the roof while the building underneath is slowly shedding bark  
2128 Portsmouth St, Houston, TX 77098 at Shepherd Plaza
2128 Portsmouth St, Houston, TX 77098
The once verdant pot-planted patio now empty and bleak 
Vancant nearby form much longer already: Former Le Peep lunch space at Shepherd Plaza 

Stag's Head Pub with signature trophy 
Entrance and patio access 2128 Portsmouth St, Houston, TX 77098
Empty parking lot at Shepherd Plaza (Aug 2015) 
The Stag's Head patio lined potted greens in July 2011 

Monday, August 29, 2016

New mural at blue-washed bar on Richmond

The 1% Padron Fence "Mural" 

Fence "mural" at Didi's Sport's Bar

Prior exemplar of exterior bar wall art, now gone (Feb 2016) 
2213 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77098 - Bar space
2213 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77098 -  Didy's Bar space when only the canopies were blue, and the fence was white
 (Feb 2016 photo) 
Also prior post on --> Fence-bound murals

Aztecas succession: From Margaritas with Karaoke to SEVEN Club, and now what? .... patioless, gray?

The colors are gone, and so is the life, whether it be by day, or by night. 

2207 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77098
The graying of an erstwhile party spot   
Restaurant space on SW corner of Richmond Ave and Greenbriar,
across from the Shepherd Plaza, which has been largely vacant for years.  
White-washed club space still with patio in July 2015
Caged patio space after Aztecas shut-down 
 2207 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77098
Still colorful, though a tad faded and tattered: Aztecas Mexican Restaurant space in May 2013 
Also see earlier post on
 ---> Vacant restaurant spaces in Upper Kirby &  Montrose (Aug 2016 edition)

Niche Market News: Assassins now have their own tattoo shop in Montrose

Black-and-red House in Montrose now reveals its mission 
with newly installed non-missable signage. Will Love-Buzz be next to make itself known to the locals? 

Assassin Tattoo Shop on Lower Westheimer 
Prestigious address: Stanford (at Westheimer)

Also see earlier post on more ---> colorful tattoo shops

Until recently, more mysterious: with only a very subtle vertical tattoo 

Bombshell Tattoo (Jan 2014 photo)
Bombshell Tattoo (Jan 2014 photo) 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bucket list items: Hatch shrimp and peppers

Bucket List Item: Shrimp Hatching 
Hatch back at Lupe's 
And earlier in August at Central Market:  

Brownout weekend at the MHMRA Ruins in Midtown

Off-pink pale-brownish paint deployed in demuralization of former mental health facility.
See photos of destroyed murals on earlier post about 
Endangered species: One of the dinos at 2850 Fannin Street 

Asbestos warning tape with graffiti 

Tyger Tyger, no longer shining bright, in the urban swamps of Midtown, day or night

West side of Fonteno Building facing the Light Rail tracks 
NW corner for abandoned mental health facility in Midtown 
Myrtle B Fonteno Building - Street art cover-up in progress August 27, 2016
Myrtle B Fonteno Building - Street art cover-up in progress August 27, 2016 

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