Monday, July 25, 2016

H-Town Juxtaposition Studies: Red hot señorita overseen by red China's blue-tinted but otherwise drab Consulate. Or should that be "overlooked"?

It's not just that the lack of zoning makes Houston special in an abstract and academic sort of manner. It's also what you find side-by-side, and on top of each other, in a visual kind of way. Like Mainland China and Peninsular Mexico. And it's not a geopolitical constellation on Post Oak's embassy row. It's a sight to behold right in the heart of Montrose.    

 Consulate of the People's Republic of Yucatan; - not quite 

New Taco Stand in former Berryhill's space with patio 
now sports a reclining Yucatán pin-up in red and matching beach umbrella
(a tad vintage perhaps, but hotter than La Tapatia anytime)
Consulate-General of the PRC looming behind 

Coming soon to Montrose: Yucatan Taco Stand 
There is already one on Waterway Ave in The Woodlands 

The last remaining Baja vestiges of yesteryear are being eliminated,
and most of the patio area is apparently being closed off from the dining room.   
Hawthorne Square Strip Center with two wings of establishments, starting with Starbucks in the left cap space
Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in the background on the right side 
Meanwhile on the other side of Montrose ... 

... the soaring Hanover Montrose apartment development is nearing completion at the spot of erstwhile Skybar fame, at least to the tune of a few resident-ready floors. "NOW LEASING" banners have been unfurled on the balcony-heavy North and South facing facades while spray-whitening continues on the East-facing wall. The latter boasts an impeccable geometry of square windows that handily defies any and all comparisons with the Bob Casey Federal Courthouse or the Chase Tower Downtown.  

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