Thursday, July 7, 2016

Blue Barrel Succession: Ghostly white box now fitted with a cryptic logo on a red stick

Light rail or U-Bahn station signage on Richmond? - Likely Not. 
The iconic blue barrel of the in-the-end-less-than Lucky Burger joint vanished long ago after sitting vacant and fenced in the parking lot on the corner of Richmond and Mandell. Something has been emerging in its place over the course of many months. But what?

The built-from-scratch structure is now thoroughly white-washed and has recently acquired a cryptic sign on a crimson stick. On closer inspection, the bottom sequence can be decoded as double "DRIVE THRU" with see-thru feature for maximum confusion from both East and West. But what's with the large J in reverse in the circle, and the dot that's not atop like the dot on an i? Or is that supposed to be a U ? ... as in U-turn and full stop here?

New restaurant concept on a red stick ? 
The newish white box seen from Mandell Park looking West with what looks like a U-Bahn station marker from the distance  

Construction status as of Dec 2015 (view from the West) 
AVAN CONSTRUCTION BANNER after Lucky Burger wiped off the slab (Nov 2015 pic) 
Lucky Burger Signage
Lucky Burger's vintage sign 
Lucky Burger still lucky and chromatically vibrant five years ago in July 2011 

1601 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006

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