Monday, May 9, 2016

Snow-white bunny invasion afoot on Smith Street

Giant non-Easter Bunnies now hanging out 
at a Skyscraper near you 

Intrusion of the bloated bunnies 
Putatively Acclaimed Art Installation by Australian Artist Amanda Parer
at 1600 Smith Street sponsored by Arts Brookfield 
Houston engagement from Monday, May 9 – Saturday, May 14
More info here
Distinctive top of 1600 Smith Tower
with quartet of eyes on each face 
This sorry blob of a bunny could use some pigment in its eyes the better to engage with passerbys. 

Giant inflated long-eared bunny sitting on the lawn 

Oversized inflated rabbits being blown up Sunday May 8, 2016
on the plaza at 1600 Smith Street 
Smith at Ruthven: Rodent art installation site seen from underneath the
Chevron circle 
Looking up at the four holes in the roof 
And if rabbits full of air are not your thing,
here are a few shots of the ambient architecture  

Circular skywalk at Chevron's corporate campus 
The sharp edge of 1600 Smith seen from the West
(long-shot from Buffalo Bayou Park)

And for bunny lovers of the uninflated non-white kind in proper proportions, here is a 
specimen from Terry Hershey Park, where they are abundant this time of the year.

Local suburban rabbit habitat: Terry Hershey Trail in the Energy Corridor
near Eldridge Parkway / KBR Tower 

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