Friday, May 13, 2016

Netherworld and above-ground Sabine Street news

While the inaugural ticketed-to-capacity chaperoned tour of the long-retired subterranean water cistern is being pitched as breaking news, another story -- of the less ephemeral kind -- is taking shape above; -- free and for all to see: The ongoing upgrades to the Jamail skateboarding facility. Alas, the rolling board acrobats will have to bide their time during the closure necessitated by the construction work. Spectators will benefit from the improvements, too, when completed, and additional square footage will provide enhance opportunities for sanctioned "tagging".

The Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark Do-over 

 Skatepark project components: Addition of shade structures, terraced seating, new fencing, LED pole lights, and new graffiti boards 
Skatepark closed while improvement work is under way 
A Place for Skate- and Graffiti Boards 

Jesus! - Is that a less than illegal graffiti? A veritable oxymoron? 
Event-lawn atop the water works facility with emerging
event tent anchored by containers to be filled with water 
Great view of the Downtown Houston Skyline from the observation platform atop the Water Works

Food trucks on the plaza - Water Works Park at Sabine Street 

View of the Skatepark & Water Works site across Buffalo Bayou from Eleanor Tinsley Park at Allen Parkway

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