Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mapping Downtown for tourists and other non-denizens

Main & Leeland looking East: Block 334 and Your Pie Pizza at the SkyHouse 
Finding destinations in Downtown Houston footwise is now getting a lot easier. No need to get lucky and happen upon a friendly Downtown District tourist-minder with a wad of center-of-town grid plans on hand, not to mention having to hunt down a civic-spirited local for free verbal advice and directional hand gestures. Or trying to tap into the seasoned expertise of the pavement-pounding street people when all else fails. No call to consult a hand-held electronic device either. The maps and directions are now posted at eye (or at least belly-button) level with accompanying maps on many Downtown corners.

Main at Preston looking North
(Harris County Administration Building)
Main & Leeland - Looking West - 1600 Smith and Chevron Towers, ExxonMobil 
McKinney at Travis looking East - Colored corners on Main 
Louisiana at Leeland - Looking North 

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