Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Invasion of the monster rabbits and now a man-sized raptor in Montrose

While gigantic white bunnies have taken over the green at the former Enron, now Chevron, campus in the Central Business District, the Montrose area has quietly acquired an addition on the animalia front too. There is that life-sized cow and that equally stately shimmering horse at El Tiempo Cantina on Taft, of course. But those familiar mammals of longstanding affinity with homo sapiens already look lame. Now that a tyrannosaurus rex is on the loose. Well, not actually on the loose; -- just standing guard at a no-name patio joint, with a heavy metal chain securely fastened to one of its hind legs.

 No-name, no-sign patio venue on Lower Westheimer
The Golden Cantina Horse on the corner of Taft and Lower Westheimer 

Or perhaps it's a velociraptor. We'll have to leave it to the Jurassic experts to make a positive ID.

408 Westheimer - Caesarea Residence offers Unfurnished Rooms with a dinosaur out front.
Caesarea Residence offers unfurnished rooms with a dino out front.
408 and 412 Westheimer Road Houston Texas 77006 

Meanwhile, across the street, the / biskit / junkies / have started doing their thing 

Lower Westheimer intersection at Taft looking South
 biskit junkie joint now open in the SW corner

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