Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Abandoned Downtown Days Inn has got a new name now, and some color on top

When you least expect it, an urban eyesore 
makes news after all 
on former Holiday Inn & former not-holy-just Day's Inn

Now with a bit of red, and a four letter word: The abandoned hotel
on the Southern edge of Downtown 
A grave question for urbanists to ponder: What is better? 
An urban eyesore with or without graffiti?

And what about four-letter strings on the pavement, 
When it's mis-spelled, and it's not even grey, but blue? 

Mirror image of abandoned hotel in the glass shell of the renovated Mickey Leland federal building
Top of fire station in foreground 
South-facing facade on a pretty day - looking up from the Megabus parking lot 
North side of former Day's Inn from up-close 
The dormant motorbank facility on the North side 

Looking through the gutted hotel 

Back-lit North side of abandoned hotel building at sundown 
Is it hobo-proof? - Door on West side. 

1 comment:

  1. I can assure you this building is far from hobo proof!


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