Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dam Crack Suggests Slippery Slope

Barker Dam appears to be slowly subsiding
along with the record amount of water it is (still) holding back   

Crack in concrete-covered segment of dam south of the
Westheimer Parkway cusp
Westheimer Parkway remains flooded and closed to traffic

The Parkway is there. You just can't see it right now. 
Road closure at National Guard facility near West Oak Mall 
Behind Barker Dam - View from Westheimer Parkway 
Lots of birds can be seen on the water, here a night heron
in broad daylight.
Driftwood with pink clusters of apple snail eggs 
Even though Buffalo Bayou is now allowed to rush downstream through the outlet at Briarhills, the water surface elevation behind Barker Dam is down only about one foot and remains at record levels.  

The smelly gusher - acre-feet of water take their time to drain
Sign of high water: The graffiti on the concrete structure are completely submerged 
Full stream ahead: Buffalo Bayou existing Barker Reservoir on the way to Terry Hershey and Buffalo Bayou Park
Highway 6 bridge in the distance 

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