Monday, May 9, 2016

Allen Center to get people-friendly with green space and amenities

Nancy Sarnoff over at the Houston Chronicle reports that Brookfield Property Partners is embarking on a major makeover of the green space at the Allen Center Complex, with the goal of transforming the multi-corporate campus into a vibrant community space with an upscale restaurant and performance/event space. See 5/6/2016 story here.

The Doubletree at Allen Center 
Renovations at One Allen Center, the first of the three Allen Center towers, erected in 1984, have been under way already for some time now. According to HCAD, the record owner of the 34-story tower at 600 Dallas Street is  ONE ALLEN CENTER CO LLC with an address in Scottsdale, Arizona. As of Jan 1, 2016, the land was appraised at $41 mil and the tower at 217.7 mil, for a total of $258.7 mil. The landscaped areas between One and Two Allen Center will be the focus of the $48.5 million project, reports Sarnoff.

The overhead bridge connecting the two towers is to go 
Allen Center and its neighborhood - Skyline view from the West 
One Allen Center Property Address: 500 DALLAS ST HOUSTON TX 77002 (Street address for entrance on the North side facing toward the Central Library, which is currently being remodeled).

One Allen Center and Three Allen Center
Dallas Street north-facing facade 
There is a glass-encased entrance with escalators on the corner of Smith and Dallas also).

Reassurance on blue: Still Open: the Court at Allen Center 
The Brookfield name has also popped up on colorful umbrellas on the lawn North of 1600 Smith, an eye-catching improvement of the green space there that appears to be driven by the same vision of adding quality and utility to the open spaces surrounding Downtown office towers by transforming them into community spaces.

Brookfield's color-rich Lawn Chair & Umbrella Initiative  

Brookfield's posted rules for proprietary corporate park 
nominally addressed to the general public (more specifically, the "home-nots")  

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