Friday, April 1, 2016

Überrito (Uberito, Ueberrito) now seeking fresh mex staff for its nü (newest, neueste) mission out West

 Going green in a park(ing lot) setting:

7705 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77063 - Suites 200 and 300 
 Überrito's Verdant FRESH MEX Signage and Store Front

If the new Überrito is meant to be the replacement of the West Alabama location in Upper Kirby that closed precipitously last year, it will be a hard sell. It's not even in same neighborhood, and none of the rather unique attributes of the previous mission-type building with the well-shaded playground/patio area out front are present here -- at the former Doneraki spot, where the soon-to-open Ueberrito shop shares a nondescript newly-constructed retail-store-type building with Hot Toppings and a certain coffee brewer of chain-fame that dispenses its putatively Italian beverages in paper cups. 
The space is also much smaller -- a far cry from über or any kindred superlative, foreign or domestic -- and it sits on the perimeter of a big drab parking lot with no redeeming qualities, but plenty of visual blight. Not a tree in sight, or a potted agave for that matter. Many of the workers at the W. Alabama location have no doubt found jobs at other restaurants during the hiatus. So, the continuity in what was originally billed as a "relocation" will have to be centered on the name and the fare, - or the freshened-up version thereof, as promised by the green double suffix added to the über-moniker and. and to the green-dominant bi-directional store signage. 



Come to think of menu über-haul and Menükonzeption re-conceptualization..... fish tacos have been such a hit for Berryhill. Perhaps it's time for Ueberrito -- now in freshiness mood -- to put Frische Fische on the menu, and inside its giant-worthy tortillas.That might even be a boon for the umlaut-averse segment of the non-German-speaking segment of the burrito-prone public. And a swelte alliteration is always good for marketing. Not to mention an alliteration-with-rhyme combo. Frische Fisch für alle. Frisch-Fisch Takos über alles! 

And should a Fresh-Mex Tex-Mex fan be up to a teutonic tongue twister after a palate-pleasing alliteration taco, there could be a recitation challenge. With a pint of free pico de papagayo as a reward for mastery. 

For starters, a classic one: Frische Fische fischt des Fischers Fritze. Fischers Fritz fischt frische Fische. (Witness a failed attempt here). That's at least own step up from achieving competency telling tales of Fahrvergnügen to those devoid of any experience taking to the Gulf Coast version of an Autobahn in the cockpit of a VolkswagenThe Jägermeister crowd may find the game amusing

The trifecta in Doneraki's wake from West to East: Über-fresh Mex, Hot Tops, and  Mermaid Frappuccino  


Help-wanted postings have been a regular feature at neighborhood eateries, suggesting a scarcity of food service workers, or at least quite a bit of mobility in this segment of the local workforce. 

Pappas Seafood House with hiring sign

(Montrose and Upper Kirby) 

Pappas Interviewing all positions (sign message)

Pappasitos Now Interviewing (posted yard sign)

PICOS Now Hiring Servers and Hostess (sign on corner of Kirby and Richmond)

Smoothie King Hiring Team Members & Managers (sign)

Ruggles Black Food Bar with "NOW HIRING" banner on Kirby Drive store front

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