Thursday, April 21, 2016

N. Eldridge and Addicks Reservoir (Bear Creek Park) closed to make room for excess water - April 20, 2016 pics from the traffic-less but water-rich scene

N. Eldridge eerily without traffic. 
The gate structure that controls water-flow out of Addicks Reservoir
into Langham Creek, which flows into Buffalo Bayou in Terry Hershey Park
near Memorial Drive 
Speed limit strictly enforced on this deadly stretch of N. Eldridge;
- just no need for that today 
Dam road closure for repairs that started prior to the big downpour
Looking West
The big cats were moved to higher ground 

The high-water landscape behind Addicks Dam  
Big CAT on the dam slope 
Birds on a wire high up in the sky 
Inverted power line pylon down low in the water 
Roadside end of a dog life, with flies 
Long snake in the grass near water
Watch out ... there is something beside that
discarded water bottle that doesn't like water 
Resilient nature: Monarch nibbling on a thistle flower on the dam slope 
The current edge of the water - View from the top of Addicks Dam at the N. Eldridge cusp 

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