Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dam Job: Barker Dam holding back Buffalo Bayou West of Highway 6 and accumulating flow-off in the reservoir for more streaming action later

High water level in Barker Reservoir 

The Buffalo Bayou flow-control gate is shut to hold back the water
behind Barker Dam - even the dam art (can't call it street art in that environs) is submerged .  
The water level in the West Houston reservoir is higher than it has been in other major rain events in recent years. 

The dry side of Barker Dam that face East toward the city near Briar Forest.
 The No-Boating prohibition most logically applies to the canal that flows North outside the dam toward Buffalo Bayou  

US Army Corps of Engineers Barker Reservoir Marker 
View from the top of the gravel dam road looking at the flow control structure just inside the dam that allows
the for controlled release of the water that flows into and out of Barker reservoir (or, as now, shut-off).  
This is what the landscape looks like inside the dam. It is dry most of the year.  
A cattle egret 
Southbound on the Barker Dam Road - segment between Buffalo Bayou exit point with flood gate
and ramp over the dam at Briar Forest / former Noble Road that continues into the reservoir as Noble Road Trail 
Noble Road Trail (link to gallery of pics in normal condition) now completely under water and impassable 
Trails in George Bush Park submerged 

A white egret with showy plumes on the banks of the channel downstream from
the outlet structure 
Noble Road Trail - area at trailhead on West end inside the dam flooded
Noble Road trail head with alligator warning sign now standing in the water 
Behind Barker Dam at Noble Road / Briar Forest looking West - Nov 14, 2016 afternoon

Buffalo Bayou flow control gate structure at the Barker Dam

The remote-controlled weir mechanism on the reservoir side of  Barker Dam: The inlets to the tunnels that allow the water to pass through the dam are shut to keep the water of Buffalo Bayou and its tributaries  inside the reservoir until flooding conditions subside downstream in Houston and it can be safely released in a gradual flow.  
US Army Corps of Engineers: Barker Dam project sign for new outlet structure (2016)
The next dam project was just getting off the ground (and apparently not yet into it) 

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