Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mt Vernon Pit Room Progress

A Big Job: The Remodel of the former pink shack 
at 1201 Richmond Ave 

BBQ Pitroom coming at 1201 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006

Conversion from TALK OF TOWN venue to BBQ pit room takes longer than anticipated, 
and apparently turned out to be more complex due to poor structural condition of the former xxx shop.  

Pitroom, Mt Vernon, and Metro 25 signage 
Additional layer of history revealed 
4306 Yoakum Blvd Suite 460, Houston, TX 77006
Looking East on Richmond from intersection at Graustark, Jackson's Watering Hole on the right 
Meanwhile, Cane Rosso is also taking its time at ground level of 
the Campanile office building between Mr Vernon and Yoakum,
formerly the site of an apartment complex. The TABC notice has been 
on display for about half a year now. 

Cane Rosso TABC Notice 
4306 Yoakum Blvd Suite 460, Houston, TX 77006 

Retail / Restaurant section of Campanile Building at 4306 Yoakum, Houston, TX 77006
Richmond-facing facade with arches 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Prairie Art; -- Praire Street Art, that is

Multi-color floral themes on wall at water feature on Prairie Street 
across from El Big Bad 

El Big Bad Mexican Bar & Restaurant 

Water fountain on Prairie Street - Downtown Houston Historic District
Sidewalk water fountain on Prairie Street 

Facade maintenance at the Brashear Building on the row of historic structures -
Preston Street between Travis and Main

Facade of historic Brashear Building on Prairie Street in Houston's Historic District
Facade of historic Brashear Building on Prairie Street in Houston's Historic District after new paint job (4/29/2016) 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Block 44: Aris Market Square Tower (Hines)

Aris from the West as of April 28, 2016 
The Big Bad One is nearby 
View from Main Street - Preston Ave. - Lyric Centre Tower in the distance 

Block 35: Market Square Tower (Woodbranch Tower)

Top of Market Square Tower (under construction in Downtown Houston)
Top of the 40-story tower West of Market Square 

Water feature in water colors at 
Market Square Park 

Ceramic Tile Benches and Fountains by Malou Flato, 1992

320 Milam - Market Square Tower as of April 2016
Market Square Tower - SE corner view from Travis at Prairie St. 
Dog run on Milam Street side for Market Square Park 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Block 52: A 29-story Catalyst

"Catalyst" 29-story apartment building currently under construction
in the Ballpark District 

Great Southwest Building on left, Catalyst on the right

Block 75: Homewood Suites / Hampton Inn


Newly opened Homewood Suites Hampton Inn  

New Hotel seen across ALEXAN Downtown construction site

Block 99: Marriott Marquis Houston

 New Convention Center Hotel topping out at 29 stories 
1777 Walker St, Houston, TX 77010, USA
Something Brilliant being promised 
April 2016 street-level view - Crawford Street 

Houston's New Convention District COH & GRB Houston project sign 
Marriott Marquis skyline addition - Status as of January 2016
Top of US Customs Building in foreground
North facade - Rusk St. (Jan 2016 photo)

Construction zone perimeter on the West (Jan 2016) Crawford St. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Block 77: HSPVA Downtown construction site at 1300 Capitol St

Block 77: Site for new HS for the Performing and Visual Arts
(HISD Magnet School) 
High School for the Performing and Visual Arts - Downtown site 

1300 Capitol construction site - new High School for the Performing and Visual Arts coming 

Block 73: Downtown Alexan hole-in-the ground pics - Trammel Crow development site at 1414 Texas Ave (April 2016 photos)

Alexan Downtown still in subterranean stage 
while Catalyst is rising to Great Southwest height 

Trammel Crow Residential Downtown Houston project site at 1414 Texas Ave (Texas Street)
SW corner with MinuteMaid and Westin Hotel in background 
ALEXAN construction site framed by historic Great Southwest Building (left) 
and the new Catalyst residential tower soaring on the right 

Current stage of construction of the multi-story residential complex: the underground stage, presumably future parking 

1414 Texas Ave construction site - Finished product address is being given as 1410 Texas
600 Crawford Development, Union Station / MinuteMaid Ballpark, and Westin Hotel in the distance 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The two faces of Downtown Murality - Ephemeral and semi-permanent

Facilitated creation of street art on Main 
Art Blocks Project - Pics from Bash Weekend 

A lively street scene on Main, for a change 

Art Blocks Initiative with colors on corners, various art projects, and live entertainment 

Semi-permanent and permanent exemplars of
street art in Downtown Houston 

Legacy of BIGS - Toyota Center Parking Garage 
New mural next to JW Merriott Downtown 

Houston Mars Mural at Direct Auto on Leeland 
Main Gym Boxer 
Downtown version of ape mural for Houston Zoo Gorilla Exhibit at Food Truck Lot 

Houston Streetwise Summer 2015 - Thumbnails of Top Photos

Houston Streetwise Summer 2015 - Thumbnails of Top Photos
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2015 Mosaic of Sample Pics

2015 Mosaic of Sample Pics
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