Monday, March 28, 2016

Walkable place tags: Old-time Houston pavement signage

Once there was a Shoe Shine Stand 
on Main Street Houston Texas  

This way to the shoe shine - mosaic arrow on sidewalk
Shoe shine pointer on pavement in front of
Sweeney, Coombs & Fredericks Building (1889) 
Mosaic sidewalk marker in blue and white tiles
at former hotel in the 100 Block of Main 
Copa Cabana - 100 Block of Main Street Corridor - Downtown Houston
100 Main Street Corridor - Harris County Jail in the distance 
LOEWENSTEIN'S CIGARS tile work transplanted from
Main Street to Market Square for preservation and display.
The initial letter got lost. See more --> Loewenstein pics 
This way to the Hat Store no more - It's the way to Niko Nikos instead 
Brashear on Prairie Street: Building name marker in mosaic tiles on threshold 

More little tiles arranged in pretty patterns 

Tile floor samples at Market Square 
Honeycomb tile floor pattern
Honeycomb on the ground 
Pavement art on Texas Ave  

And some artful mosaics that are not just 
to be walked over

Mosaic benches at Market Square Park 
Artful mosaic stone benches at old Market Square - Downtown Houston Historic District

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