Tuesday, March 8, 2016

State of the Sidewalk: Shepherd Drive in River Oaks - Walk-thru-and-around pics

The Subject of Improvement Efforts for Many Months:
River Oaks segment of Shepherd Drive 
at the end of February 2016 

End of the road closure?
Is road closed or what? 
Impassable on foot at several locations 
Forcing pedestrians onto the vehicular lane 

 Road Status Shepherd - River-Oaks 2016-02-28

Republic of Orange 
A road-side water-line issue 
Trap for hapless sidewalk users 
Posted: Business Access 
Not so popular along Shepherd: The Contractor that has
trouble staying on schedule 

In case you were going to miss it: (More) Road Work Ahead -- spatially as well as temporally  
Small-scale plate tectonics 
Still a lot of orange at the Shepherd-West Gray/Inwood intersection

The new signalized crosswalk, with helpful instructions 

Generic no-route Metro bus stop marker and concrete bench 
Route to be assigned later, apparently 

West Gray/Inwood & Shepherd intersection from the South 

Closed or not closed, that is the question 
Mind the rebar: Poured-concrete sidewalk coming soon 

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