Sunday, March 20, 2016

Theater District Fun: Dare push the red button and see what happens

Do you know Houston as well as some tourists 
who take a guided tour?

What's it with this red button recessed into the brick wall? 

Locate it and push it (and don't risk arrest),
or see answer at the bottom, with several visual clues on the way down.

Also on red brick: Mosbacher portrait
Also on red brick: Mosbacher, recently honored
by having his name attached to an existing Theater District bayou bridge 
One of the Seven Wonders 
Doomed former post office building on Franklin Street seen from Mosbacher Bridge
Distinctive bridge railing 
The Houston version of the River walk with one lady sitting 
Push the button on the bridge and make Buffalo Bayou bubble
The big button-activated Buffalo Bayou bubble
Most red buttons are only to be pushed in emergencies, But the exception proves the rule, and some exceptions are quite harmless indeed. The red push-bottom at the Wortham Center side of the Mosbacher Bridge happens to be one of them. Tough its non-emergency nature may not be clear to the casual bridge-crosser that isn't in the know; ... the one who didn't approach with the intent to make the bayou bubble.

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