Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Metro Bus Stop Shelters: Variations in Design

Galleria-area curved pipe design 
found on Westheimer and Richmond Ave. 

Richmond near the West Loop / 59 Interchange

The one-legged square umbrella version with partitioned metal-rod bench underneath
(Travis St at Polk St, HPD HQ on corner) 
Central-pillar bus shelter design - Double
(Travis Street at Calpine Center (Texas Ave) across from Houston Chronicle Bldg)
Modern red-and-gray Upper Kirby design with side panels and curved roof
(Westheimer at St. Anne's Church) 
The conventional box-style design with glassed side walls and wood-plank bench inside
(Richmond in Upper Kirby) 
Kirby Station - 402 Bellaire Express Bus - curved roof and other curvatures,
no side panels (Holcombe near Kirby) 
Bus stop with concrete bench on pad - no sidewalk (S Shepherd in River Oaks) 
Conventional shelter with side panels planted on the sidewalk
(Almeda at TMC) 
Conventional shelter - no side walls - two concrete benches
(Richmond Ave inside Loop) 
Conventional three-side bus shelter with un-partitioned
wooden bench in front of school on Briar Forest Drive near Highway 6 

Conventional bus shelter with house-type roof and neighborhood map posted
Eldridge Parkway at Brimhurst / Energy Corridor 

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