Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Look, Charley's opening a bar in the ivory-covered cloister at that Church Tower on Montrose Boulevard

... except that it's not a church anymore, but a public library:
Eleanor K. Freed Montrose Library 

A live arcade links Charley's to the repurposed church
(Okay, so it may not be ivory, but it sounds better) 
Erstwhile bell tower at Eleanor Freed Montose Branch  Library 
A first furtive peek inside 
Not too long ago, this was the brick-and-mortar 
version of eatsie boys, with patio seating outside; 
and before that, it was the Kraftsmen bakery  

B-Cycle rental station at Montrose Library
Another amenity unknown in Central Church days: Rental Bikes 
Also on the "church square": The Black Labrador 

The Black Labrador guards one of the few iconic royal phone booths
located outside the Upper Kirby (UK) District 
The Church-to-Library Conversion 
(2012 photos)

Eleanor K. Freed Montrose Library Rededication Plaque dated 1995

Central Church of Christ before, now Eleanor K. Freed Montrose Branch Library
Central Church of Christ no more 
A B-Cycle bike rental station has since been added to the sidewalk 
4100 Montrose Blvd, Houston, TX 77006 

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