Thursday, March 3, 2016

De luxe senior moments soon to be had in the company of Renoir and Gotham

Renoir is getting upscale company 

Topping out: High-end Village of River Oaks
retirement community coming, whether existing luxe
residents like it or not 
1015 S Shepherd Dr - Houston, TX 77019

The Renoir Lofts on corner of S Shepherd and W Dallas
Roadwork on S Shepherd is still not completed 
Retirement homes coming next to the Gotham Loft (on the right) 
Interim lift serving eight marked floors plus a roof-level stop  
SpawGlass construction site postings 
Apparent upward mobility at the Renoir 
Southbound on S. Shepherd coming down from the Buffalo Bayou bridge (Feb 28, 2016 pic)
 The Village of River Oaks project appears to be making progress 
much more briskly than the S. Shepherd storm sewer and road resurfacing 
which has been snarling traffic for much longer than originally projected. 

The Renoir Lofts on the corner for W. Dallas and S. Shepherd
with nearby residential and road construction (Feb 28, 2016)

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