Monday, February 8, 2016

Yellow CAT spotted at the Mecom Fountain

The Mecom Fountain, a favorite spot for posing in brightly colored rarely-worn outfits and having photos snapped whose quality far exceeds contemporary selfie standards, is about to be included in the Hermann Park make-over too.

The make-over that has been continuing on past the centennial, attended to by men attired as brightly as the quinceañera girls, but in rather more quotidian, more functional, and anything but graceful garb.

Sam Houston presides over the expansive work zone at the foot of red Zaza, and is showing the way ... to the Centennial Gardens, these days.

Santa Anna may not be there, but Benito Juarez is, and then a few other notables of The Americas, along with King Martin, Wiseman Confucius, and peace-promoter Gandhi in sandals; -- the ultimate pedestrian.
Mahatma Gandhi heading toward the water-spewing Mount
(hidden behind the huge oak tree)  at the Centennial Gardens, with trail map in foreground  
All perpetually bronzed, like equestrian Sam himself. Even Señor Álvar Núñez "Cowhead" Cabeza de Vaca has a permanent job there, welcoming visitors in full metal helmet, if not jacket.

Bronze Bust of ALVAR NUNEZ CABEZA DE VACA at Centennial Garden, Hermann Park
 ¡Bienvenidos a las Américas
Yo soy  Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca
Legué hasta aquí well before you-all decided to head down to Tejas.  
And a good thing it is. Why limit the appreciation of the past, and of the great men that got to shape it, to just to a few locals. And why not cover more than the span of merely a centum of años? Take a tour of the Sculpture Walk at the Centennial Gardens and say your hello to some great Americans you have never even heard of. And even one certain bard, not English, but Scot.
Sculpture Walk at the new Centennial Garden
(formerly Houston Garden Center & Rose Garden)  
And then there are Dick Dowling on Cambridge Street and the Southern Spirit Angel on the edge of the pond at Sam Houston Park. Perhaps worth paying a visit too. Though their commemoration and place in the collective consciousness is fraught with some controversy.

White man in white marble: Dick Dowling of Confederate Sabine Pass fame
Other attributes: Non-native Texas (Irish and Immigrant)
Dowling Memorial on esplanade of Cambridge Street at Hermann Park 
Speaking of controversy. The official plaque on the pedestal of Sam Houston's equestrian statute characterizes him as "controversial"; and as "colorful". A man who showed his true colors? Or a man with vision who could see beyond black and white? The inscription itself is open to alternative interpretations.

Sam's Curriculum Vitae - The monument version  
Short outline: Wikipedia has more on Sam Houston 
Apparently, Sam's failure to support secession was considered "controversial" for decades after his rather ignoble death as the ultimate dissenter on the matter of Union and anything-but civil war. The ambush (surprise attack) and slaughter (routing) of the Mexican troops at San Jacinto, of course, is a different matter. One more widely regarded as heroic, since it entailed Texas independence. The victors, after all, not only history make; -- they get to write it too.

San Jacinto Battlefield Memorial 

San Jacinto Battlegrounds seen from top of the monument (Aug. 2013) 
No parking, No loitering... Lets go, round up the Mexicans while they are on siesta.  

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