Monday, February 15, 2016

Top of rusty Galleria DoubleTree hotel tower shrouded in black, and newly unveiled, no trees

DoubleTree with black veil 
... and now back to its austere and minimalist look 
The Downtown DoubleTree Hotel at least has greenery in the neighborhood 

Downtown DoubleTree Hotel with greenery of Sam Houston Park in foreground (May 2014 photo)
Downtown DoubleTree Hotel framed by foliage of Sam Houston Park
 and neighboring skyscrapers (May 2014 photo) 
SIGN CRITIQUE: Classic signage installation mistake: Letters are recessed and bottom line "By Hilton" is obscured by the lower ledge when looking up close in proximity of the building. 

Hotel Zaza has the same problem. 

Even from the far side of the circle surrounding 
horse-rider Sam, the lower part of the Z is obscured 


a new rooftop logo comes into view --
one with a single tree, if that it be 
New signage on West-facing side of 5433 Westheimer Rd
Office Building 

Carnan Properties' high-visibility Westheimer signage 
Ruth's Chris Steak House

5433 Westheimer - Ruth's Chris Steakhouse at ground level 

5433 Westheimer: Corporate Tenants (Feb 2016)
(apparently only a partial listing)

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