Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The last of the blues: Old bluish one-of-a-kind Solvay Building being taken down

The Solvay Building is being dismembered from the top down (2/6/2016) 
View from Richmond Ave - New Building on the left (2/14/2016) 

The bluish hue on the new state-of-the art Solvay office building at the corner of Richmond and Buffalo Speedway (with "3737" street address on the Buffalo side) does not appear by design, but is weather- and climate-dependent.  

New Solvay Office Tower  3737 Buffalo Speedway, Houston, TX 77098
3737 Buffalo Speedway at Richmond Ave in Upper Kirby 
They did a nice job preserving the green space on the SE corner with some beautiful shadow-giving trees. And the new bus stop/shelter is trade-make UK ("Upper Kirby"): an eye-pleasing red-and-light-gray coloring scheme that helps enliven the street-scape, which is particularly welcome along this older stretch of Richmond Ave. with its many aging office buildings with off-color, if not outright dirty, look. The "3737" street name signage on the corner is both functional and tasteful and has better contrast - and therefore visibility - compared to, for example, the one at the base of the recently-completed 2929 Weslayan Tower - thanks to the placement of the digits on a dark background in the shape of a tree, presumably meant to represent a Post Oak.  
Metro Bus Line 25 Richmond stop & shelter in front of the park section of the new 3737 Buffalo Speedway Office Building 

Dysfunctional Numbering: 
Can you read this street address in bright daylight?

2929 Weslayan Residential Tower at W Alabama
New Weslayan Tower 

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