Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Displacing People: Remaining Richmont dwellers soon to fall victim to Menil Expansionism

The impending encroachment from the North  
Richmont Square Facing Demolition
to Make Room for Menil Masters' Grand Vision    

Well-aged ergo non-de-luxe and therefore affordable Montrose-area apartment complex on Richmond (with hard-T spelling variant for a name) will soon be erased from the neighborhood map. The Masters of the Menil Master Plan are sending the moderate-means tenants -- like students and artists -- packing so they can improve the street grid (reconnect W. Main), create a more seamless neighborhood, and better pursue their core mission that centers on art buildings and art. 
Richmont Square 1400 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006
Sidewalk paved with red bricks, which is characteristic of this
segment of Richmond, with Richmont Square signage
at South entrance to what remains of the complex. 
Star-quality walkable red brick: Richmond sidewalk at Richmont 
Doomed Richmont Square Apartments 1400 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006
West-facing side of Richmont Apartment complex seen across Richmond Ave. median 
The 60's-style apartment facade with greenish vertical shingles
Site plan for Richmont Apartments
Site plan for Richmont Apartments, including
the already-demolished North section that is now
a construction zone 
Signs on the perimeter - construction activity under way
on the left, demolition coming on the right - The black arrow on yellow is showing the way 
The turn at W Main & Loretto - Menil construction site behind the fence 
Side-street on the West: Loretto - Stop sign at Colquitt 
South-West corner of doomed complex
located on the North side of Richmond Ave in Montrose

Richmont Square Apartments 1400 Richmond Avenue, Houston, Texas 77006 

The vintage apartments facing the Icehouse on West Alabama
were razed about a year ago 
Scene of destruction in Jan 2015 at the 1920 W. Alabama Apartments
across from the West Alabama Icehouse

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