Monday, February 15, 2016

Love is in the air ... go get the bug spray, and take a hike on Richmond Ave

Houston may no longer be hip, funky, and fun -- look how the Treebeards mural was sanitized  to assuage the sensitivities of who-knows-who - but there are still pockets of irreverence and creativity along Richmond Ave. From Montrose all the way to Kirby. 

All year long Khyber labors hard to elevate the level of movable-type discourse with - well -- its trade-mark Kyberisms, and Pappadeaux took a stab at comic relief, too, by reaching out to love-minded and lonely hearts on Valentine's Day: Get crabs with bass, not to mention oversized ones. And ever-charming Tapatia with her broad-brimmed sombrero did her level best to make all her fellow dyslexics (or drunks, as the case may be) feel at ease on love-and-friendship day. 

It's not a spelling bee: Join us for El Día del Amor y la Amistad. 
Come get crabs on V-day 
And the street artists have been at it lately, too, on this stretch of the innerloop streetscape that -- like Lower Westheimer - has its historically significant features, not to mention its own unique constellation of charms. 
-- Though these street warriors reached for spray cans suitable for pursuits higher than hands-on combat with bugs and crabs.  

The Latest High Street Art on Richmond
in UK and Montrose 

Didy's collection of guano on the canopy 
is proving fertile, as the new picassoesque facade art attests   

A dino-themed display and a seemingly randomly colorized side wall at Mugsy's (if that's what it is now is, -- again!?). Given the perennial water seepage from a broken pipe in the street that probably won't get any attention until our new mayor is done with the dry pothole campaign, a small family of aquatic or amphibious creatures might have been better suited to this well-watered streetside habitat. But any art is better than none. Alas, the front part of the faux-red-brick plywood wall that encloses the patio wasn't similarly graced with a new artistic coating, abstract of otherwise. It just keeps looking as tacky as ever. 

Returning to the Roots 

And although Aztecas on the corner of Greenbriar has now been history for a few years, that doesn't mean that neighborhood denizens have to part with the Aztec heritage (though many of the descendants have since been gentrified out of the barrio). 
(roots) 1407 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006

The latest addition of indigenous imagery at Roots by a talented muralist -- to all appearances anonymous -- will easily put any biscuitpaintwall into the shade, - not to mention that splatter fence at Mugsy's. 

New mural on West-facing wall of Roots Hair Salon 

TONANTZIN TLALLI. “Nuestra venerable madre Tierra"
Aztec Mother Goddess 
(roots) mural a year earlier (Jan 2015 pic) 

On a less uplifting note,  Mercado Mexico has called it quits at its residential villa-cum-yard display and sales space across from that fondly remembered Margarita venue: Aztecas. The building appears to be in poor repair. It's located on massage-parlor avenue that has repeatedly drawn the attention of the nuisance abaters. We'll see which way it will go. Watch for an orange tag from a City inspector, or perhaps the arrival of one of those brightly-colored CAT or Kuboto monsters that have been busy in the vicinity of late.        
It was a feast for the eyes: All that awesome Mexican Talavera pottery is now gone
HCAD shows that the property (built in 1946 and remodeled in 2006) was sold to a new owner last August 

Aztec calendar image on erstwhile Aztecas website 
Aztecas after it closed for good: The coloring scheme was lively indeed (May 2013 photo) 



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