Monday, February 22, 2016

It's not conceptual photography; it's just a pattern recognition test

... and a landmark identification challenge for advanced-level would-be contestants in H-Town trivia of the visual kind. 

Do you have a gut feeling of what this might be? 

Now, let's take a turn 

Here is a verbal hint in addition to the vertical one above: 
"Northward from Blanco, West Alabama"

... and a visual hint of the late-night neon-show sort 

Well, how did you do? 
Did you have to Google Blanco & West Alabama? 

 17 stories, 50-some years later: No river, no oaks, and not much else either, other than the shell of its former self.  

While the flow of construction funds, not to mention the whereabouts of the H20 in the water fountain, may be a matter of some speculation, the pre-Sales Center has, to all appearances, been ready and willing to show, tell, and make deals in the shade of the palms and the skeleton of that once-glorious building in all its geometric simplicity. (The only thing that remained glorious toward the end was the fancy address.) 

 Westheimer sales center site pics snapped last September 

The 3435 Westheimer Redevelopment 

And if you enjoyed the minimalist aesthetics of a gutted multi-level abode of yesteryear's Miesian pretentions, and the neon-assisted illumination under the moon in more recent months, you might also enjoy fading into this slideshow for a vision of things yet to come after the minimalist breeze-through-and-look-through episode has run its course.  


The building was later torn down, and trees removed, bringing the back side of The River Oaks into full panoramic view from West Alabama, looking North, as shown at the top this post.

For 3435 Westheimer on the map, click the location link in the footer of this post below:

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