Monday, February 1, 2016

Dusk shot: Not so common Houston Skyline

Water tower with Houston Skyline from the West

Any idea whence this teleshot was taken? 
Page down for answer, with a few visual hints along the way.

One of several trail-side exercise stations: Sit-Up Bench 
Exercise station: Knee Lift instructions - Fiorenza Park Trail in West Houston
Knee-Lift Instructions 
View from top of the hill created with the soil excavated from the from the stormwater detention basin
- the highest elevation for panoramic vistas in the area

Archbishop Joseph A. Fiorenza Park & Trail 
between Highway 6 and Eldridge Pkwy 

View from SH 6 looking East across stormwater detention lake  
Water Tower on Eldridge at Westpark, tip of Galleria-area Williams Tower in the distance. The man-made hill overlooking the lake - a flood control project -- features picnic tables and swings in addition to the panoramic views. 

Hilltop with panoramic view at Archbishop Fiorenza Park
Large birds are common on the water, especially in the winter, including white pelicans. Exercise equipment (with posted instructions on proper use) has recently been added to the extensive paved trails. 
Pelicans and egrets (Sep 2015) 
A pair of white pelicans and a white egret at the storm-water detention basin
(Jan 2016)  

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