Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Corporate Statics and Dynamics

Swamplot has the far more dynamic real property story today: The Failed Revenge of the Corporate Plaza (to slightly rephrase it in the spirit of semantic license). The parking garage at what's left of the doomed complex on the corner of Kirby and the SW Freeway collapsed onto the excavators yesterday afternoon, but the anti-corporate nemesis didn't get crushed. And there is video of the close shave. 

Do not mess with Corporate Statics: Alas, the message went unheeded
Someone in a not-yet-so-doomed office tower nearby -- probably the River Oaks Tower that's not in River Oaks -- got to do an episode of Demolition Watch Live during drudge hours, and was brave and civic-spirited enough to share via YouTube and Swamplot. -- Kudos!  

While it stood the test of time:
The Corporate Garage in all its not-quite-horizontal beauty  
Can't beat the man-bites-dog news, not to mention the-building-squashes-caterpillar variation on the theme. Okay, so it wasn't a Cat. It was a Cherry, a Komatsu Cherry.  

Gigantic jaws of one of the Cherry Demolition Komatsus
devouring debris on the Corporate Plaza, or rather chumping on it, and
then spitting it into ready dump trucks 
That said, and credit dispensed where credit is due, here are a few pics from January and from last weekend for non-dynamic visual appreciation, taken prior to the near-disaster, including what is now an archival pic of the parking garage whose demolition was ever so abruptly accelerated. 
          -- Oh those statics. If you ever got to fell a tree right -- or did it wrong but were  springbok enough to get out of the way -- you might have seen it coming. Look at the incipient buckling action on the right  
The garage on its last legs and ready to crumble: it won't be missed 

Still towering over the SW Freeway on Saturday, with open air at the top
and a few birds perching on exposed steel rafters 
When all is done and down, the 69 Freeway vistas won't be the same 

At 90 Degrees - not Fahrenheit 
"Top Gun" recharging in the well-watered parking lot with Crowne Plaze as backdrop  
There goes the lunch-break garden with cast-iron fountain 


December 2015 Site Pics 

Cherry's "Top Gun" posing around Christmas time on the site of the denouement that wouldn't come until early February 
Once upon a time there was a corporate garden,
with a water fountain framed by red flowers and statuettes looking on 
Keeping would-be scavengers at bay

"Top Gun" at the scene of destruction 
"Polished" got polished away in December, well into the multi-month demolition season
Once there was Polished Corporate Plaza with Madras Pavilion and Sushi,
and then it was all gone in a snap  

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