Sunday, February 21, 2016

Compromised City Vistas: How all that Construction ruins the Skyline and the Aesthetics of the Existing Architecture

Market Square Tower & Crane with Lyric Centre and Buffalo Bayou Torch 
Church Steeple vs Construction Crane in the Museum District 
Presbyterian Welcome Center dwarfed  by massive 
high-rise residential project under construction at 4 Chelsea Blvd.  
Sam is still showing the way - what way? 
Unnatural colors currently framing the Centennial Gardens 
The seasonal rust of the lawn admittedly also diminishes the beauty of the gardens,
compared to their verdant spring-time splendor
A busy Historic District scene: State-National Building and The Rice Hotel in 2016 
Buffalo Bayou Torch with horizontal stripes of the Lyric Centre
and some unsightly scaffolding on top of it 
Classic Street Lamp Scene on the Sabine Street Bayou Bridge -- Compromised 
Not quite picture-perfect 
despite the rare appearance of  the Buffalo Bayou mud stream in blue

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