Monday, February 8, 2016

Re-Branding: Goode Co goes for Guitar on mission-style store front; -- Longhorn armadillo on the corner sees red (and green)

Goode Co. Armadillo Palace - New look in 2016

Below: The prior Armadillo logo with a jolly image of its namesake 

Goode's Armadillo logo in Dec. 2016 
Did you know that the Longhorn Armadillo's 
eye color alternates? 

Longhorn Armadillo in red phase 

Longhorn Armadillo in green phase 

Extended Green Phase: Upper Kirby Armadillo 
in the summertime in its verdant garden habitat  

Texas Armadillo on the Goode patio among greens (June 2012)
Special Seasonal Assignment later in the Year 

The Goode Armadillo Hawking Holiday Pies last December 
And while we are on Armadillo appreciation, some pics
of live and not-so-live specimen of the enchanting 
armored creature 

Nine-banded armadillo display at Houston Arboretum
and Nature Center - Palmetto Multi-sensory Trail  

Bump in the road: Learning about Texas Armadillos 
See wikipedia page for more on armadillos 
(Cingulata, an order of armored New World placental mammals)  

And for good measure, 
a pic of the other local Guitar-Flag Combo: 
The one with clock dial framed by Seven Wonders  

Roof-top red guitar at Hardrock Cafe with top of City Hall in background with US Flag
Red rotating roof-top guitar surrounded by other visual cues of location:
Can you figure out the vantage point without looking at Google Maps? 
It looks more like a Spanish mission, esp at dusk, in silhouette, with a subtle allusion to the Alamo. 
A building like that might make a good new production site for über Mission Burritos 

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