Thursday, February 11, 2016

What's in the cards for 520 Westheimer? - Cat Doc and Indika to get an upscale Asian neighbor on the psychic's lot

528 Westheimer Rd "PSYCHIC CARD READER" - Building demolished in 2015
528: Whence the "real love" psychic vanished in 2015  
HBJ reports today that a "luxe Asian restaurant" is coming to "a bustling corner of  Montrose". The current brownfield between The Cat Doctor and the temptingly blank (for street artists) west-facing wall of Indika is not exactly a corner- that would be at Stanford or Whitney -- but it's good to hear that something worthy will succeed the demolished palm & card reading haunt next to that vacant lot; -- even if it's not a reclamation of the kind showcased by the good neighborhood denizens behind the original creation and recent upgrade of the Mandell Park on Richmond.

Different sorts of cats  
Lot consolidation may yet prove a proposition that adds value and quality of life to the neighborhood, not to mention the promise of expanded culinary choices.

Archival pic of  the North side on the 500 Block: Cat Doc logo,
massage parlor and "real love" Psychic
The Cat Doc & the Psychic in Jan 2014
The Psychic's Lot: Did the clairvoyant foresee the coming demolition? 
Can't say the same about the Big Tex storage facility going up on Richmond on the consolidated parcels of the former Shell station and the badly deteriorated adjoining home to the West. At least, there weren't any trees fronting fortune-teller Fatima's haunt that were ready to be pronounced ill so as to justify their convenient chain-sawing just in time for the arrival of the construction crews.

Making way for Big Tex: The sidewalk trees were included in the demo 

520 and 528 Westheimer on the Neighborhood Map 

520 Westheimer - GoogleMaps snip - Needs update to reflect demolition
Google Maps still shows 528 undemolished, with entries for the psychics (as of 2/11/2016) 

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