Monday, January 25, 2016

From Houston In-spired to Houston De-spired: Another architectural jewel in peril of obliteration

Iconic Christ-Scientist Church building with one-of-a-kind golden spire surrounded by office towers went on the block, and faces an uncertain future. As others have reported, AIA Houston's bid to buy it to save it proved unsuccessful. 

Iconic golden spike in lieu of spire at First Church of Christ Scientist Church in Downtown Houston
Golden church spire set against Amegy Bank
facade as background 
First Church-Christ Scientist 

First Church of Christ Scientist Houston TX 77002
The Church with the golden spike, Metro HQ Building, 2016 Main Highrise Condos
View from the North looking South across parking lot 

1720 Main Street- Entrance to Christian Science Reading Room: CLOSED
Canopy taped over 
Shades of turquoise: Mosaic door frame detail 
South facade of First Church of Christ with golden spike spire - Chevron Tower and Exxon (Humble) Tower
All Are Welcome ... but how much longer?
First Church of Christ Scientist on Jefferson Street in Downtown Houston 
with Chevron Buildings (left) and Exxon Building (right)  
1717 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002 (Church entrance) 
1720 Main St Houston TX 77002  (Reading room)

(JANUARY 2014) 

The Golden Spike - Close-up
1717 Travis Portal 
 First Church of Christ Church facade facing Jefferson Street in January 2014
with Savoy Hotel behind (prior to renovation and conversion to a Holiday Inn).
First Houston Skyhouse (with construction crane) in background 

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