Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Halal Guys' H-Town premiere attracts a good crowd, but parking is an issue

The Halal Guys in Yellow and Red on grand opening day ...
with a column of chromatically coordinated balloons
2211 Norfolk Office Tower in background 

Bright new colors in the neighborhood:
The Halal Guys shop on opening day
The Halal Guys on their first day - View from the parking lot at the 59 Diner 
Turf battle over parking spaces likely: 59 Diner has only limited space itself 
The parking lot at the 59 Diner is packed 
There is more parking across at the partially vacant Shepherd Plaza Shopping Center, but
crossing the multi-lane Shepherd-Farnham-Greenbriar curve on foot is not safe, and the nearest
signalized intersection at the SW Fwy requires a big detour. Alas.
Orange cones were in place on opening day,
with a law enforcement presence, but that's not a permanent solution.
Audi Dealership and Halal Guys Chicken Gyro Shop - Farnham Street
Audi Dealership and Halal Guys Chicken Gyro Shop - Farnham Street 

Top-level Jobs

Residential Tower in the making at the Medical Center 
Site of new high-rise residential tower seen from
Wainerdi Bridge at Brays Bayou - Cambridge Street 

Top jobs at Skyhouse III 
(like Skyhouse I, also in Downtown on Main Street) 
The second edition in Houston is on the West Loop 

Friday, January 29, 2016

A Place to Unload

Got baggage and an urge to unload? Need to get something off your chest? There may be many ways to cope, not to mention professional help, but there is also a designated spot for unloading. 
Guess where! 

Below are some hints about the amenities 
available for mental recharging at the Unload Zone  

Green dome under big oak ... could be a meditation center 
Lush mysterious plants with huge shiny leaves 
A dark mystic triangle in the yard 
A cone-shaped glass house (with the top sliced off) 
A giant smooth rotating sphere on the patio 
More lush greens even though it's winter 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Picture Perfect Painted Pickets: Fine Exemplars of Bayou City Fence Art

Muralism on a Different Medium: 
The Painted Picket Fence Genre 

 Murals and fence art at Cecil's Pub on West Graty

Cecil's Pub / Tavern  600 W Gray St, Houston, TX 77019
Artistic East wall of Cecil's Pub / Tavern  600 W Gray St, Houston, TX 77019 

More artistic expression on a parking lot perimeter 

Painted fence framing parking lot at Star Pizza - Norfolk / Sandman St.
Pizza-themed painted fence at - you may have guessed it - Star Pizza 
Painted fence at 1536 California St Houston, TX 77006
Art for All mural somewhere in Montrose (1536 California St)

School Children's Artwork at Dunlavy Park 

Children's fence painting on West end of Dunlavy Park

Fence painted by school children on the perimeter of Dunlavy Park 
Polychromatic Picket Fence Project 
at Evelyn's Park Project Site in Bellaire   

Colorful fence adornment at Evelyn's Park development site 
at commencement of ground preparation work in 2015 

Evelyn's Park project in Bellaire
Evelyn's painted pickets alongside Bellaire Boulevard
with park project sign and URL  

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The 777 Preston construction site: Street-level and angled-up views of the vertical Market Square extension on the West End

Looking up from Preston Street sidewalk 
The growing Market Square Tower in perspective 

SE Corner of block on which Market Square Tower is going up 
Currently waterless water feature on sidewalk
in front of Hogg Palace 

HARVEY Construction Banner at SW corner of site on a windy day in January 
The Market Square Garage Building is also getting some attention
This is the facade facing Louisiana Street


SE corner of Market Square Garage with restaurant space at ground level 


Niko Niko outpost at Market Square 
Floral-them sculpture at Niko Niko patio area -
Hermann Bldg and Bayou Lofts in the background 

Historic stone marker at Market Square on SW corner 

Dog Run at Market Square Park

From Old Savoy to Holiday Burger Theory

Burger Theory on Pease St. on South side of Holiday Inn Houston Downtown 

Successful redevelopment of an old Downtown eyesore: The former Savoy Hotel, long vacant, is now a Holiday Inn with restaurant space dedicated to Burger Theory at street-level. 

South-facing facade of new Holiday Inn Houston Downtown 
Signage facing Main Street Corridor 
Hotel address: 1616 Main St, Houston, TX 77002 

Below: Shortly before completion of renovation in May 2015 

May 2015 Status of Redevelopment 

Savoy Hotel and its neighbors in 2014 seen from Jefferson Street
First Church of Christ Scientist in front 

The unsightly Savoy Houston carcass in 2012 

Monday, January 25, 2016

From Houston In-spired to Houston De-spired: Another architectural jewel in peril of obliteration

Iconic Christ-Scientist Church building with one-of-a-kind golden spire surrounded by office towers went on the block, and faces an uncertain future. As others have reported, AIA Houston's bid to buy it to save it proved unsuccessful. 

Iconic golden spike in lieu of spire at First Church of Christ Scientist Church in Downtown Houston
Golden church spire set against Amegy Bank
facade as background 
First Church-Christ Scientist 

First Church of Christ Scientist Houston TX 77002
The Church with the golden spike, Metro HQ Building, 2016 Main Highrise Condos
View from the North looking South across parking lot 

1720 Main Street- Entrance to Christian Science Reading Room: CLOSED
Canopy taped over 
Shades of turquoise: Mosaic door frame detail 
South facade of First Church of Christ with golden spike spire - Chevron Tower and Exxon (Humble) Tower
All Are Welcome ... but how much longer?
First Church of Christ Scientist on Jefferson Street in Downtown Houston 
with Chevron Buildings (left) and Exxon Building (right)  
1717 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002 (Church entrance) 
1720 Main St Houston TX 77002  (Reading room)

(JANUARY 2014) 

The Golden Spike - Close-up
1717 Travis Portal 
 First Church of Christ Church facade facing Jefferson Street in January 2014
with Savoy Hotel behind (prior to renovation and conversion to a Holiday Inn).
First Houston Skyhouse (with construction crane) in background 

Houston Streetwise Summer 2015 - Thumbnails of Top Photos

Houston Streetwise Summer 2015 - Thumbnails of Top Photos
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