Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Another one bites the dust in Downtown Houston: Historic red-brick building of erstwhile Hogan Allnoch Drygoods Company Demolished

Downtown Demise 
Another one just bit the dust 

Hogan-Allnoch was here 
The end of the Hogan Allnoch Dry Goods Company Building
This historic structure was owned by Harris County,
which could have preserved it if the political will had been there.
1311 Texas Avenue, Houston, Texas, Downtown Houston 77002

Foundation of Hogan Allnoch building still visible after building razed 
COH Demo Permit in rainbow hues after the rain (and the demo)
All that's left: red brick rubble 
Now exposed: "We are all in this boat together" mural on East-facing side of Urban League HQ 
Old neighbor to the West: Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Branch Building
(now Houston Area Urban League headquarters
Corner of Texas Ave and Austin Street - South-East
Irma's Southwest Grill in corner space at Great Southwest Building, which will
 like be gutted and redeveloped (Irma's signage on right) 

Historic Hogan-Allnoch Building shortly before demolition in 2015 
For sale by sealed-bid auction by Harris County 
Hogan Allnoch signage on red brick facade with quite a few letters missing 

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