Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Corporate Plaza office/restaurant buildings coming down in Upper Kirby (gallery of demolition pics)

On its last leg(s): Miyako sign at Corporate Plaza 
soon to tumble

Miyako signage atop Corporate Plaza building on Kirby Drive

3910 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77098
Erstwhile eateries at Corporate Plaza Building
Miyako Sushi, Cafe Red Onion Latino Fusion, Madras Pavilion Indian 

The West-facing side of the building is still intact as of 12/22/2015,
but not for much longer (view across Kirby Drive) 
Doomed courtyard between office buildings 
Doomed water fountain behind the fence 
Partially torn-down building 
View from Norfolk St at Kirby Dr looking South 

Corporate Plaza demolition site December 22, 2015 

Restaurants at Corporate Plaza: Miyako - Red Onion - Madras Pavilion 
Corporate Plaza - Multiple restaurants on North-facing side 
snap kitchen van parked on Norfolk St at Corporate Plaza 
North and East side of Corporate Plaza Complex (panoramic photo from 2012) 

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