Monday, December 14, 2015

Big Tex's arrival in Montrose marked by sidewalk tree murder (or was it just euthanasia?)

What else is in store-age? 

First goes the desolate Shell, an impromptu canvas for occasional graffiti of dubious artistic value, but now the trees are gone from the sidewalk, and that's a more serious hit to the integrity and quality of life in the neighborhood. 

Update: A commentator over at a friendly blog covering the same ground posted a link to a Parker tweet averring that the tree removal was authorized, based on the trees' purported poor health. Sounds like an excuse made up for the occasion. At least three trees in a row were deemed in poor health and ready for the ax -- or rather, for the chain-saw -- but the rest were not, including the ones just across the street on the South side, and others up and down the road on the same side. The three deemed deserving of having their natural lifespan shortened just happened to be in a way of the big-box project. What an odd coincidence! Here is a plausible explanation: A diagnosis of ill health was needed to sell the propriety of the action to the neighborhood denizens who might be upset. With that kind of rationale, no tree on Richmond, or any other public road, is safe.  
The aftermath of the chain-saw massacre 
The newly tree-free stretch of Richmond Ave 

And no SWPPP posting either 

Close-up view of one of the stump mounds
 after the arborcide 

 Verdant foliage was still in plain view at start of demolition 

Demolition site at the end of November 2015

One of the doomed Richmond Ave trees in mid-summer
- later alleged as "in poor health". 
Abandoned Richmond Ave Shell Station and Convenience Store in August 2015 

Also see prior post on --> Demolition of Shell Station in Montrose

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