Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Untouchable" Lucky Burger wiped off the parking lot on corner of Richmond and Mandell

Lucky Burger sign - archival pic in sepia

Lucky Burger was one of those iconic older properties that Braun Enterprises acquired and harvested plaudits for; -- plaudits for the company's professed commitment to re-hab and re-purpose, rather than tear down. 

1601 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006

Now the blue barrel restaurant - a Montrose-area landmark --  
is gone. Wiped off the slab.
All that's left: Lucky Burger's footprint in the parking lot
(peeking over the fence, looking East)  

As recently as last August, The Houston Business Journal did a laudatory piece on the local developer and his commitment to preserve what neighborhood and history-minded Houstonians value and do not want to see destroyed. 

Will the Houston Business Journal now make Dan Braun eat his words? 

Vanished: First the sign, then the whole blue barrel 

The fenced off barrel - tagged shortly before the end 

After the Deed: Nov 5, 2015 site pics 

Eastbound on Richmond approaching Mandell intersection
View of former Lucky Burger site from Mandell Street looking North 
Construction site after demo of Lucky Burger Lucky Burger sign - 1601 Richmond Ave in Montrose
AVAN construction company sign on fenced site
of former Lucky Burger - West side - Mandell Park across the street 

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  1. Wow! I need to drive by there. That area is getting clearcut pretty quickly.


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