Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Feeding frenzy for food service workers in Montrose continues

And not just in Montrose. Now-Hiring 
signs are out all over town.  

Burger makers or burger servers? 

the Burger Joint - Now Hiring (10/3/2015) 
Pronto Cucinino: Not new, but also looking for help 

La Tapatia is looking for help at multiple locations  

La Tapatia on Richmond is looking for help  (9/13/2015)
No wonder. Some nearby Mexican Restaurants have folded,
while neighborhood has seen influx of lots of new luxury apartment residents.  

Opening soon: Les Ba'Get 

The sidewalk (not shown) still needs some work too
(for the pedestrian customers)
More job sites coming ... 

The scramble for talent will only increase as new establishments get ready to open .... such as the "breakfast club" dubbed "SNOOZE an AM EATERY" that's moving into part of 3217 Montrose, the former Interfaith Ministries facility that featured artwork facing the sidewalk (see archival pic below). 

 3217 Montrose
Sidewalk view of 3217 Montrose in 2011 
The Colorado-based snoozing and schmoozing concept is expanding into Texas with its first locations in Austin and Houston. There is as yet no sign of their arrival on the ground in Montrose, but there is already a biz entry for them on GoogleMaps. "Open at 6am", or so the story goes on the profile. Keep snoozing and dreaming of what you will have at the "vibrant, retro chain serving a seasonal menu of creative breakfast & lunch fare, plus cocktails." It will be a while longer. 

The Montrose Boulevard property when on the market in mid-2015 
Hi-res pic of 3217 Montrose Blvd. (vacant) 

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