Friday, October 30, 2015

Partial Road Closure on Post Oak

Westheimer and Post Oak Boulevard - Right Lane Closed Ahead
northbound on Post Oak Blvd. 

Crown Work at the Astoria Condo Tower

Work crew on top of the Astoria Condo Tower

Tethered workers in top-level jobs at the Astoria Condos site
October 2015 

The Crown up close thanks to super-zoom 
Zoom shot of crew on facade 

Astoria Condos 1409 Post Oak Blvd. Houston, TX 77056
(Construction status pic at the end of October 2015) 

Astoria seen from corner of Post Oak and San Felipe 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

There goes the Shell: Gas Station Demo on Richmond (action pics)

1810 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77098
Demolition of former Shell gas station in the 1800 block of  Richmond Ave 
The abandoned Shell gas station and store (still showing up on Google Maps as Richwood Food Market) just a bit West of the intersection of Richmond Ave with Woodhead is no more. All that was still standing today when these pics were taken was the Shell logo on the tall sign, towering over the demolition site. This is not a casualty of the drop in the oil price. The former filling station had been shuttered for many months, and had served as a canvas for graffiti and more ambitious street art, and as a hangout for the neighborhood's street people.


Abandoned and Tagged: Montrose Shell station in August 2015 
Archival pic of abandoned Shell gas station (8/8/2015) 


King Cole 
Bright yellow old-style liquor stire sign

Placards on east side of King Cole facing Woodhead (8/8/2015) 
Woodhead Street
Richwood neighborhood marker
and green Woodhead Street name sign 
Additional La Tapatia Parking next to old shack
on North side of Richmond East of Woodhead 
La Tapatia 

 1801 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77098 (former cierra store)
 1801 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77098

This is the former cierra store location, as still noticeable by what remains of the signage. Furniture, home goods, and accessories store Cierra moved here from its original (larger) store on W. Alabama near Kirby and then went out of business. The space has been posted for lease for months.  
1801 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77098 - FOR LEASE (8/8/2015)
Space for Lease: Site pic 8/8/2015 


The demolition of the gas station at 1810 Richmond does not mark the end of Shell's presence in the Gayborhood. There are two Shell-branded gas stations nearby: one on the corner of Richmond and Montrose Blvd, and another one the corner of W. Alabama and Montrose. Pics follow below.

Shell Gas Station on corner of 
Montrose and Richmond 

Shall Gas Station and convenience store 
on NW corner of W Alabama and Montrose Blvd. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Cacti of South Shepherd and Succulents Farther Afield

Two shops on S. Shepherd sport cactus moniker and saguaro imagery, respectively. The one with the cactus component in its name is a purveyor of music (both live and take-home) while the other sells clothes and all sorts of gear. To admire some nice specimen of transplanted desert dwellers you have to head East on Westheimer to El Tiempo and Pistolero's, but the succulents there for not for sale either. 


Whole Earth Provision Co. Alabama-Shepherd Shopping Center  2934 South Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX 77098
Doing duty as a sign post: The Whole Earth Saguaro
at the Alabama-Shepherd Shopping Center
(Store located next to Trader Joe's and Maiko) 
Cactus Music Whole Earth Provision Co. Alabama-Shepherd Shopping Center  2934 South Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX 77098
Cactus Music at Shepherd Square 

Pistolero's desert plants 
Some nice exemplars of cacti on Pistolero's perimeter 
There are a few other places in the neighborhood where succulents are used ornamentally for arid garden landscaping. Most noteworthy: 3118 Richmond (Inventure Design), a building on stilts with parking underneath at ground level. that also stands out architecturally, and the residential complex on NE corner of Richmond and Edloe dubbed 36Sixty to make the street address memorable.

Those who grow succulents as a hobby do not include cacti within the definition, but the botanists do not draw that distinction among plants that thrive in arid conditions by retaining water in fleshy water-storing tissue.

... and then there is the Arid Garden in Hermann Park 

ARID GARDEN explained - on-site educational poster

Arid Garden in Hermann Park - Japanese Stone Lantern

Park Lane Tower overlooking Centennial Gardens - Arid Garden in foreground 

Sweet tooth trivia: Which beloved dessert establishment has a couple of cows on the roof? - Try to answer without looking

Amy's Ice Creams in Shepherd Plaza 
Amy's Ice Creams 3816 Farnham St, Houston, TX 77098
Feast of Colors with Cows and Ice Cream  

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sign-spotting: Wacky marketing messages: Have you hugged your what today?

Will you hug your seat tonight, or early in the morning tomorrow perhaps? 

Tila's Yellow Taco Truck - S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX

James Coney's efforts are lame, 
by comparison ... 

What with poor-boy doing duty as a menu-item moniker,
why not a hungry man combo? 

... and Smoothie is hardly scary 

Use your own imagination
and fill-in the Frame 

Visualize Mattress Firm Logo
She is gorgeous inside ... 
... stop by on Sunday to dispel any doubts 

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