Sunday, September 20, 2015

Smokinghotbabism on the Ramparts

Gaslamp, the highly exclusive open-air booze joint in Midtown gears up for battle. 

Where there is smoke, there is fire,
not to mention the bomb shells  

The Gaslamp - Midtown Bar - 2400 Brazos St Houston TX 77006

The airing of the admissions dispute in public is already yielding clarification. -- If any were needed. 
       Sooooo ... if you are a "smoking hot babe", or have one in tow (or better still, a whole bevy of them), you won't have a problem getting in. Not so if otherwise. You may be all decked out, dude, but what gets you in and on the upper deck are the assets. How is that racism? ... It's just smoking-hot-babe-ism. But wait ... do we really need a neologism for this not exactly novel phenom? Can't this hot potato be handled with existing vocabulary?  
         -- With that addressed, what's more outrageous and newsworthy? The venting by the dudes that didn't make the smoking-hot cut and didn't impress the bouncers with balcony-worthy assets, or the Gaslamp's rebuttal on YouTube

Smoking hot on the rooftop, with scenic views of skyscrapers,
rather than twin peaks, and no orange owls perching on site. 

Refining the definition of exclusivity: The Gaslamp   

The Gaslamp deck
Codeword "classy" with "contemporary vibes". 
Declaring Sunday a Funday did not earn the Gaslamp
as much notoriety, if any. 

2400 Brazos St, Houston, Texas 77002
The Gaslamp ramparts: Not so classy from this angle 

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